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Welcome to the Digital Empowerment Community of Austin is a web-based tool for knowledge sharing and creating an inventory of assets for digital inclusion programming in Austin. It is the a community-based resource for documenting programs and site locations within the Digital Empowerment Community of Austin.

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Knowledge-Sharing: How Does It Work?
The knowledge-sharing portion of is key resource for tracking public access computer labs, private labs that may be available for programming, and digital literacy training programs in Austin. Navigate to the Lab Profiles tab to view documented Lab Profiles detailing public computer labs, libraries, schools and more. Information captured for each Lab Profile includes number of computers available for use, assistive technology, availability of on-site trainers and more. Programs operating at specific sites can be added to each Lab Profile to track which nonprofit organizations or leveraging which locations in Austin for digital inclusion programming.

Knowledge-Sharing: How Can I Help?
This inventory of programs and site locations in Austin is only as strong as the collective knowledge within the Digital Empowerment Community of Austin. Numerous organizations are currently providing programming throughout the city, but more work is needed to ensure all Austin residents have access to the resources and training needed to build digital skills. Creating a comprehensive and living inventory of resources will help all organizations in Austin improve and potentially expand their service delivery. But to accomplish this, we need all organizations to ensure their knowledge is captured.

From the Lab Profiles inventory page, click Add a Location to fill out a web-form about all site locations and programs you are aware of in Austin. Make sure to Edit any information that becomes out of date.

What’s Next?
The Digital Inclusion Working Group will serve as beta-testers for as further development is completed. Ideas, suggestions and feedback are encouraged and can be shared with Your feedback will help us to make usability improvements to the knowledge-sharing portion of the site.

As more sites are added to the location inventory, we have plans to visualize this inventory using a map that compares these assets with key data metrics from the Austin Digital Assessment. Also stay tuned for future additions to including a blogging feature that will allow you to tell stories and update the community about the great work you’re doing in Austin. is a civic hacking project that began at the 2015 ATX Hack for Change.